Turnkey Projects - 1

200 m ³ / alternate line capacity can be designed for the production of timber. Max Log Diameter Ø 500 mm, which is addressed to the group tree. Max Log length 6000 mm. Will be the installation of 450 kW electric power plant transformer is required. Number of staff to work within the range of 5-8 people. Project one of the most researched and effective option. Machines and conveyors made at one time to work with this regulation has been proven many facilities.

PROJECT 1: 6 parts

1. HPM 500 Hydraulic Prism Machine 4 saws. Cover with 2 units of product to be processed is taken and lata Tomruk'tan (timber) multiple slitting machine.

2. HCD2M.250 Hydraulic Multi Slitting Machine, 2 units every 10 blades installed on the shaft from the camera with a prism max: 250 mm thick slats (timber) type wood products splitting process is carried out at one time.

3. HYM400 Hydraulic Splitting Machine, 2 units on the shaft with a total of 4 Prism saw at once the desired measurement range of products cover from the camera is a machine that allows processing.

4. MSYM60 Mechanical System Side Getting Machine, Fixed Blade Shaft assembled on the set according to the dimensions to be cut with saws HYM400 camera flashes from the wood products to be made between the cutting edges of the cut and custom fetch operation is provided.

5. Conveyors processing line will help you to work continuously without interruption. Production workflow, accelerate and improve the Buddha.

6. Materials like sawdust collection system and the establishment of the factory system to eliminate heating resolve a problem, whether it will facilitate the collection area and the construction of the sale.

Requirements for Production area:

- At least 60 meters in length

- At least 18 meters Width

- At least 5 feet high

- A smooth, concrete floor

Location must be in the form of a factory. For customers who want to start such a project team of the expedition will be factory pre-installed and the system will be identified and a business deal in this direction.


General terms and conditions:

- 50% of Deposit

- 45% of the machines ready for delivery. Time to Load.

- 5% residual products has been established, the system will run later.

- Normally within 50 business days after giving a down payment once the installation is done.

- Once installed, from the date of the factory, which own our production products include a 24-month warranty period.