The body of the machine and steel structure. The machine 3 units engaging in the cylinder moving reductor controlled. On the machine 8 pieces gomex type testereye according to the dimensions are set up. Saw-search measures are fixed , different sizes of business to be done if required, saw between the flanges are replaced. The top of the print rollers movement , manufactured according to the thickness manually. Saws resulting chips machine from the lower part of the concrete pit discharge way should be designed. One side of the clean finished direction gonyesi it is used.


Size - En - Height : 1700 - 2000 - 1100 mm

Saw Motor Power : 11 Kw 3000 Rpm

Reductor Engine : 0,75 Kw 87 D/D Output

Saw Diameter : Max.: Ø 250 mm

Saw the Hole Diameter : Ø 70 mm

Cutting Width : Max. : 1000 mm

Cutting Thickness : Max. : 60 mm

Saw Quantity : Max.: 8 Pieces

Cutting Speed : 0+28 m/min

Saw The Transfer Of The : 3000 Rpm

Weight : 750 Kg



MSYM.60 Mechanical System Hard Side Getting Slicing Machine, max: 60 mm height set of wooden products, wooden group of trees in a single operation aspects of the desired size range makes the process of taking the desired dimension. Circular saws with diamond cutting process is provided. Saw shaft is fixed. 250mm saw blade can be installed.

Attractive rollers with hydraulic motor acts. Movement of the upper pressure roller adjustment process is carried out hydraulically. The machine is used in 1 minute full speed rapidity is 20 meters long, the cutting process. For example, 60 mm high, 6000mm long, 200mm wide and 0.15 m3 is assumed to be uniform makes a plank. 8 m3 tree cutting machine can be made in 1 hour uncut. The calculation may vary depending on the dimensions.